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Welcome To The Z-Rock Radio Revolution w/ Josh Ashton

The Z-Rock Radio Revolution with Josh Ashton is an hour-long program, syndicated to Christian stations worldwide, highlighting the best in Christian Rock and Hard Rock. This in-demand, high energy show features continuous music from one of the hottest genres in music today!

Stations Airing Z-Rock Radio Revolution By Day/Time (EST) / Click On Station Name To Listen Online

Terrestrial Stations:

Area / Online



Schedule (EST)

Corry (Pennsylvania) WWCB 1370 AM Sun - 7AM
West Columbia (S Carolina) The Dove 1620 AM Sun - 8AM
Slidell (Louisiana) WOTB 88.7 FM Sun - 8AM
fmx (Montana) KKAC 104.3 FM Sun - 11AM
Rochester (Minnesota) KNLW 98.9 FM Sun - 2PM
Newark (Ohio) WJFY 104.3 FM

Sun - 6PM

Traverse City (Michigan) WLJN 89.9 FM Sun - 7PM
Lima (Ohio) WTTP 101.1 FM Sun - 7PM
Paducah/Murray (Kentucky) Elevate (WAAJ ) 89.7 FM Sun - 11PM
Silver City (New Mexico) The Light (KKSC) 100.1 FM Sun - Midnight
Deming (New Mexico) KVIW-LP 104.5 FM Sun - Midnight
Florence (S. Carolina) Radio Free 92.5 FM Tue - 11PM
Wheelwright (Kentucky) WCYW 105.7 FM Tue - NOON
Hamrun (Europe) Galaxy 105 91.5 FM Wed - 3PM
Newport (Oregon) KWPB 98.7 FM Fri - 9PM
Rochester (Minnesota) KNLW 98.9 FM

Fri - 9 PM

Wheelwright (Kentucky) WCYW 105.7 FM Fri - 10PM
Saskatchwean (Canada) CJJC 98.5 FM Fri - 10PM
Manhattan (Kansas) KHCA
95.0 FM Fri - 11PM
Manhattan (Kansas) Angel (KHCA) 95 FM Fri - 11PM
Saskatchwean (Canada) CJJC 98.5 FM Fri - MIDNIGHT
Rochester (Minnesota) KNLW 98.9 FM Sat - 8AM
Stock-on-Trent (UK) Cross Rhythms 101.8 FM Sat - 2PM
Rochester (Minnesota) KNLW 98.9 FM Sat - 3PM
Saint Albans (West Virginia) WSCW 1410 AM Sat - 4PM
Lima (Ohio) WTTP 101.1 FM Sat - 7PM
Zanesville (Ohio) WJFZ 104.1 FM Sat - 9PM
Lethbridge (Canada) CKVN 98.1 FM Sat - 9PM
Beckley (W. Virginia) The Wind (WVPP) 97.9 FM Sat - 10PM
Huntington (W. Virginia) Ignite FM (WZAQ) 92.3 FM Sat - 10PM
Medicine Lodge (Kansas) KSNS 91.5 FM Sat - 10PM
Fredericton (Canada) Joy FM (CIXN) 96.5 FM Sat - 10PM
Cincinnati (Ohio) WDTZ-LP 98.1 FM Sat - 11PM
Kirksville (Missouri) Spirit FM

90.7 FM

Sat - 11PM
Abilene (Kansas) Radio For Life (KJIL) 105.7 FM Sat - Midnight
Florence (Alabama) WFIX 91.3 FM

Sat - Midnight

Deming (New Mexico) KVIW-LP 104.5 FM Sat - Midnight
Silver City (New Mexico) The Light (KKSC) 100.1 FM Sat - Midnight

More stations are being added weekly! Check back soon!

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Online Stations:


Schedule (EST)

CVC Radio Sun - 3AM
Power365 Sun - 8AM
Spirit Mix 1.3

Sun - 10AM

Blackbird Radio Network Sun - 3PM
Full Gamet Radio Sun - 4PM
The Static Breaker Sun - 9PM
Mike FM Sun - 6PM
Lead Me to the Rock Sun - Midnight
LocalNet Radio Mon - 11PM
KROAR Tue - 10AM
Next Gen Radio Tue - 10PM
KROAR Tue - 10PM
Radio For Life Wed - 3PM
Galaxy 105 Wed - 3PM
KNCS Christian Radio Wed - 6PM
Revival FM Thurs - 4PM
FHL Sound Thurs - 5PM
eChristianRadio.com Thurs - 8PM
Shine FM Rocks Thur - 8PM
LifeFM Fri - 1PM
LifeFM Romania Fri - 1PM
Hope Radio Online Fri - 7PM
Faith Radio Fri - 8PM
Shine FM Rocks Fri - 8PM
JesusFreakRadio Fri - 10PM
Bethel Radio Sat - 1 AM

Sat - 6AM

DocRadio Sat - 12PM
WORD Sat - 1PM
Bethel Radio Sat - 1PM
Classic Christian Rock WGRK Sat - 2PM
Cross Rhythms Radio Sat - 2PM
Revival FM Sat - 5PM
The Rock NHCR Sat - 5PM
Solid Rock Radio Sat - 7PM
LifeAirHitRadio.com Sat - 8PM
PHN Radio Sat - 8PM
KZOE Sat - 8PM
Shine FM Rocks Sat - 8PM
NRT Radio Sat - 9PM
Righteous Rock Radio Sat - 9PM
Faith Radio Wisconsin Sat - 9PM
DocRadio Sat - 10PM
Next Gen Radio Sat - 11PM
MukRadio Sat - 11PM
Lead Me To the Rock Sat - MIDNIGHT


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